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Jay Schwantes, Webmaster of the Eno River Trails 
After frustrating research into a better depiction of the ENTIRE Eno River Trails system, whether official, unnofficial, City, County, State or spontaneous "Social Trails" - and finding none - I decided to compile and explore them myself. The result is one HUGE map best suited for desktop computers. A smaller text listing of trails can be found HERE.

- Jay "Muthuh" Schwantes
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Jay Schwantes, hiking on the Eno River Trails
There is also, at the bottom of every page, access to my TRAIL JOURNALS, a photo-journal essay on my hikes on the Eno River Trails, as well as Harley Rides, vacations and other adventures.

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This site is not intended to supercede official sites dedicated to the Eno River protection,
such as the Eno River Association, or the North Carolina Eno River State Park websites.
Links to these organizations can be found on my CONTACT page.

Join me on recent hikes along the Eno. Presented in Slide format with descriptions. CLICK below and look for the HIKER icons in the listings:

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